It’s Alimentary, My Dear Chef Watson: Bon Appétit Magazine releases app with IMB superchef computer, Watson

June 30, 2014


Chef Watson, Super Chef Computer

  Bon Appétit  releases app with IBM’s  Supercomputer Chef Watson, a computer that serves as chef’s assistant by coming up with creative meals based on a series of algorithms.  Read full article here.                   

Use this app to replay your first time | Twitter’s 8th anniversary

March 21, 2014


It’s Twitter’s 8th anniversary and they’ve released an app that shows you people’s first tweet. Mine was in 2008 and referred to a Decor Jette wedding I was designing.  I’ve moved on and up from Decor Jette, but still use Twitter for Jette Momant PR & Events. What was your first tweet? Was it about a […]

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A Charmed St. Patrick’s Day with 2 Gingers Whiskey Founder Kieran Folliard and an Irish Whiskey Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

March 17, 2014


photo 2

When I received an invitation to meet the founder of 2 Gingers Whiskey, Kieran Folliard, I looked forward to doing so. I like Irish people and I like whiskey...There’s something so smooth and sexy about a good whiskey. It just glides down your throat with a slight burn and touches your tongue with a tingle. My stepfather/godfather is an Irish first generation American, whose family came to New York to settle decades ago….As an homage to my Irish father this St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make cookies made with 2 Gingers Whiskey.

TechMunch Q&A with Searsucker’s Chef Brian Malarkey

March 10, 2014


Beef tartar and quail egg at Searsucker | Photo: Jette Momant

"People have a romantic view of the kitchen but she’s a mean girl."

I cheated at Dolce Neve (and I enjoyed every lick, taste and bite)

January 29, 2014



A lady can have more than one lover and I'm not one to discriminate. Although I am lactose intolerant, I am an equal opportunity eater. One French lover (Lenoir) and one Italian lover (Dolce Neve) makes my palate well rounded and satiated.

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Remembering You, Candy Corn and Root Beer Icecream Floats this Halloween

October 31, 2013


candy corn

You ate candy corn like it was popcorn, mixed sweet grapes with salty Lays, drank IBC root beer from a bottle and used the remaining for root beer floats. On the holidays, the house smelled of collard greens, perfectly breaded and fried chicken and burnt rolls.

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Pretty food in pretty surroundings: Art Bites at Russell Collection Fine Art

October 13, 2013


photo 1 (2)

Given my proclivity for loving beets, it was no wonder that I wanted to lick my plate. Chef Peter even offered to hide me and turn a blind eye as I did it. I decided to keep it classy and not lick my plate, a very challenging endeavor.


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