App to replay your first time | Twitter’s 8th year

It’s Twitter’s 8th anniversary and they’ve released an app that shows you people’s first tweet. Mine was in 2008 and referred to a Decor Jette wedding I was designing.  I’ve moved on and up from Decor Jette, but still use Twitter for Jette Momant PR & Events. What was your first tweet? Was it about a sandwich you were eating? Was it about music you loved … Continue reading App to replay your first time | Twitter’s 8th year

Photo: Nicolai Mccrary

Charmed St. Paddy’s Day with 2 Gingers

When I received an invitation to meet the founder of 2 Gingers Whiskey, Kieran Folliard, I looked forward to doing so. I like Irish people and I like whiskey…There’s something so smooth and sexy about a good whiskey. It just glides down your throat with a slight burn and touches your tongue with a tingle.

My stepfather/godfather is an Irish first generation American, whose family came to New York to settle decades ago….As an homage to my Irish father this St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make cookies made with 2 Gingers Whiskey. Continue reading Charmed St. Paddy’s Day with 2 Gingers

Lavaca Teppan Exterior

Cooking a Cohesive Restaurant Brand: Lavaca Teppan

Lavaca Teppan Interior and Exterior

My team coordinated the media dinner and media blitz which served as an introduction to Lavaca Teppan, a sleek family-owned teppan-yaki restaurant that had just opened in downtown Austin on Lavaca Street. To better understand the vision for Lavaca Teppan, we spent time meeting with, dining with and learning from the owners Chef Toshi, Yoko and Chef Taichi. We also met with their branding consultant Benjamin Serrato of  Zócalo Design and their architectural designer, Jamie Chioco  of Chioco Design (Perla’s, Royal Blue Grocery, Betty Sport, Galaxy Cafe, etc). Well, once I got over my initial geek crush on Jamie, — what lady who loves beautiful architectural design wouldn’t have a crush on that man — I was able to form words and complete sentences and ask him questions about his inspiration for his design over a “rehearsal” dinner we had before the real media dinner.  From these conversations we learned how the menu, interior design and branding all worked together to form a cohesive restaurant brand.

"Rehearsal" media dinner. Notice how I'm enthralled by my conversation with Jamie
“Rehearsal” media dinner.
Notice how I’m enthralled by my conversation with Jamie. Photo by Jennifer Whitcomb.
"Rehearsal" media dinner before the real deal
“Rehearsal” media dinner before the real deal. Notice my handy notepad.  Photo by Jennifer Whitcomb.


Photo by John Anderson
Photo by John Anderson


Austin Chronicle’s Melanie Haupt referred to Lavaca Teppan as a “restaurant that offers just as much a feast for the eyes as for the appetite.” Chioco Design kept Lavaca Teppan’s modern simplicity in mind when designing the establishment. They worked with common materials but used them in unique ways. Floor to ceiling glass windows diminish the barrier between street and restaurant, allowing natural light to shine through Lavaca Teppan’s bright and airy interior. Warm hardwood entryway walls welcome guests into the restaurant and accents of yellow throughout highlight the open and flexible dining space. Bento boxes, Polygal® walls and custom designed light fixtures aid in creating a purposeful connection to Lavaca Teppan’s unique environment.




Lavaca Teppan Website
Lavaca Teppan Website
Lavaca Teppan Menu
Lavaca Teppan Menu



The graphic design firm Zócalo Design (El Chile, El Chilito, The Red House, Antonelli’s) worked closely with Chioco Design and Lavaca Teppan to develop a visual identity (logo, menu suite, and signage) that is consistent with the modern simplicity of both the space and the cuisine.


THE FOOD (my favorite part)

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