SugaPlump Pastries says bah humbug to the heat

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SugaPlump Pastries mix and mingles shots of yuletide local libation cheer with infused pastries perfect for gifting to the man (or woman)

The Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie is a new addition to her pastry family and smells like its been drinking. Like an aunt that’s nutty as a fruitcake and mixed with love and booze.  Now, that’s a good pie.

Infused Cake Ball Box Set

After this summer’s record temperatures, Austinites are feeling a little muddled. But Chef Jocelyn Leffall of SugaPlump Pastries says bah humbug to the heat by jingle bell rockin’ some Alco-Ho-Ho-Hol holiday cheer with mix mastered local wine and spirit infused southern treats. Texas-Sized Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, Classic Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and an original line of infused cake balls will make many bellies merry.  Even the most stoic of Scrooges will have a ball with these moist and decadent cake balls  infused with local spirits, wine and coffee including:  Kohana Coffee Cold Brew, Llano Estacado Winery Cellar Select Port, Llano Estacado Winery Mascato, Pecan Street Rum, Tito’s Vodka, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea vodka, and Dripping Springs vodka. All items are fresh and made to order and vary from $40 per dozen for infused cake balls, $20 for the Chocolate Bourbon Pie and $15 for the Sweet Potato Pie. These sweet treats are wrapped in love and are perfect for Thanksgiving, Holiday gift giving and New Year’s celebrations.

“I have a love affair with Austin and its people have taken me in as their own even though I’m not a native,” said Chef Leffall.  “I’ve had an opportunity to taste a lot of local spirits at events and believed that many of them would pair nicely with my pastry creations. My spirit infusions began with a South by Southwest Fast Society mobile app launch party sponsored by Patron. I made cake balls  with Patron and the guest went crazy for them. That’s when I knew I was onto something good.”

Each local wine and liquor used in the SugaPlump Pastries infusion line pairs in their own unique way and add a deep rich flavor that becomes enhanced once it is incorporated in Chef Leffall’s original recipes. “I choose the port from Llano Estacado Winery because it had a cinnamon under tone that paired nicely with red velvet cake. Their Mascato was chosen because it’s a beautiful dessert wine with wonderful citrus flavors in the vanilla Blissful cake ball.  I liked Tito’s Vodka’s citrus notes which paired well with my grandmother’s spice cake.  And I Ioved Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka because I’m a Southern girl at heart. How could I not like sweet tea paired with the moist lemon cake in the Smooth cake ball? Southern Hospitality at its finest in one small bite.  Finally, I am a fan of local woman owned Kohana Coffee and couldn’t resist using their smooth cold brew paired with chocolate in the Awaken cake ball.”

The Classic Peach Cobbler, a Traditional Pecan Pie and the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie on her holiday menu were inspired by family traditions. “The recipe for my peach cobbler has been with me for a very long time. My mother taught me how to make it when I was eight,” reminisced Leffall. “Freshly made dough with pieces of butter.  Gently washed and peeled peaches sprinkled with love and spices. I can remember those days like it was yesterday.”  Leffell’s Traditional Pecan pie is also a family recipe “What gives this pie something sweet and special is the love baked in and surrounded by homemade crust.” The Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie is a new addition to her pastry family and smells like its been drinking. “It’s updated from the family recipe of our pecan pie. I was bored with the ‘same ol’ so I started playing in the kitchen and this pie was born.”  Like an aunt that’s nutty as a fruitcake and mixed with love and booze.  Now, that’s a good pie.

Awaken cake ball

The infused cake balls include:

·         Luscious:Red velvet cake infused with Llano Winery port and topped with cream cheese icing
·         Blissful:Vanilla cake infused with Llano Winery Moscato with vanilla buttercream icing
·         Impulse: Pecans, rich pound cake infused with Pecan Street Rum
·         Spiced:Grandma’s spiced cake with citrus infused with Tito’s Vodka
·         Honey’d:Lemon cake infused with honey, fresh lemon zest and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea
·         Smooth:Orange cake infused with Dripping Spring vodka and topped with buttercream icing
·         Awaken:Rich devil foods cake infused with Kohana Cold Brew Coffee and topped with chocolate butter cream icing.
$40 per dozen. One flavor per dozen.
The SugaPlump Holiday Menu features:

·         Texas Sized Peach Cobbler: Spiced peaches surrounded by a handmade crust ($40)
·         Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie: Old fashioned pecan pie with a twist of bourbon and chocolate, surrounded by a handmade crust ($20)
·         Classic Pecan Pie: Mouthwatering classic pecan pie surrounded by a handmade crust ($15)
·         Sweet Potato Pie: Traditional sweet potato pie made with handmade crust ($15)

All items on the holiday menu are fresh and made to order.  Orders can be placed online at www.sugaplumppastries.com. All orders must be placed within 72 hours of the desired delivery date and are delivered Monday – Friday between 8 AM – 6 PM.

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